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Hassaan Saber

They were called in the Mamluk period Alsakashorbh. They were distributing water, which they take from the Nile to the poor for free
or for a piece of bread or what's similar. The rich used to give them small gifts. The means of transport of water, they fill water containers (buckets) and carry it on the backs of animals. The water of the Nile was for drinking the well water was allocated to the laundry and what's similar. The Alsaqain communities keen on being near water sources.

They are the community, which was watering people in markets and fields by filling cups of water (small containers were made of yellow or red brass). They were known as the owners of "Alrwaya = watering", who water any thirsty people, and the owners of goatskin. This goatskin is made of goatskin after flaying it and tied from its edge tightly using a bond (rope of skin). This opening is large enough to let the water in from the top, and there's another small one which was equipped with a copper tube of Islamic decoration at the bottom to let the water down which was closed using the Sakka finger or stuffed using a piece of wood. They were selling this water for a certain wage, and they were singing calls such as: -
Water for thirsty

The "prayer of heaven and forgiveness" was a euphemism that this water was paid in advance by the rich in order that Saka water thirsty bystanders without pay. This is similar to public water fountains that we find now in front of mosques and houses, and others which are cool water in order to enable passers to water their thirst and you find in many cases a sign like this public water fountains let the passing by drinkers to read the Quran to light of the way of the water payer way (see the lower classes in Cairo, the Mamluk d / pros Mohammed Stoker - the Egyptian General Book - History of Egyptian number 152 - Page 140: Page 142).

If we want to show Sakka on stage, we must show his curved back to front and his goatskin which he carries on his back has taken the form of a curve tip top under the left armpit and the lower end of a tube of copper stuck out the right hand. And you will find Bagpipes take the form of a curve on the back and settled on the back this way. Sakka wear wide belt skin hanging from it forward a piece of leather-like apron In most cases, was wearing a shirt up to the top of the knee of the rough skin tanned and underground T-shirt while his shoes was not the only piece of skin to prove at the foot of belt leather, and covered his head scarf a broad shield them from the heat of the sun and this narrative imagine that the performance of motor is divided into three sections: -

Section I:
Going to the River Nile and praying for living expansion. Then washing and filling the bottle with clean water. And we'll see him in this case, energetic and active.
Section II:
while carrying his goatskin filled with water, he becomes slower but more active.

Section III:
Gets more active and ambitious slowly, every time he waters a thirsty crosser, and he thanks God.

They are sellers of popular drinks such as sellers of licorice - Allsoppaa - tamarind - jujube - carob - other drinks such as: - Pemphigus syrup (Alboza).
Syrup pemphigus is made from soaked barley, and we see them selling this drink as they pass the cafes and bars, but also in the alleys and in particular neighborhoods inhabited by the people of Upper Egypt in Cairo, such as Rod Farag (Hekr Abu Doma) - Abdeen - Bulaq Abul-Ela - Imbaba (Manor of Upper Egyptians) and I lived in this The region and saw them with my own eyes, and we see them and hear them say in their upper-egyptians accent:
Helw Eladim ya Helw .. Helw Elzaman ya helw
Best of the past, best .. best of all times, best

And we see them carrying a cross-sectional stick on their shoulders and hanging ropes from both ends. Rope of this direction and another rope from the other one, and in the end will see each rope is applied on top of Jar "Alzalaa" (Albulas) which is filled with a drink of pemphigus. And We find two types of pemphigus in Alzelah "Albulas" "type of sugar-sweetened and without sugar" and it has the effect like wine.

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